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    Dallas – Fort Worth Real Estate
    The DFW Metroplex

    Despite the nation’s lingering effects of The Great Recession, the Dallas – Fort Worth Real Estate Market has remained remarkably stable in comparison with the majority of U.S Real Estate Markets.  In fact, Dallas – Fort Worth currently ranks in the top 85% of major metropolitan areas when analyzing the stability of housing values since the peak of Q1 2009. The DFW Metroplex  also ranks in the top 74% for housing price recovery since the housing bottom in Q2 of 2011.


    The annual outlook for the region is extremely desirable, fueled by foreclosure activity that has hit a three-year low, making Dallas-Fort Worth’s real estate that much more alluring. According to research firm Foreclosure Listing Service, 7,477 fewer homes were posted for foreclosure from one year ago—representing a 12% drop. All four counties within the DFW region experienced a decline in foreclosure posting activity from a year ago, with Dallas County leading the charge with a 14% drop. 


    So how have the real estate values in Dallas – Fort Worth been so resilient to the nation’s ongoing foreclosure crisis? One secret to Dallas-Fort Worth’s stability is the fact that Texas is one of only seven states without a state income tax. The lack of a state income tax is quite appealing to large businesses and is one reason why Fortune 500’s #1 ranked corporation, ExxonMobil, makes its home in Irving.


    The Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market also derives its strength and appeal from industry stalwarts such as the field of Information Technology, as well as Farming and Ranching. The IT industry is strong in DFW with computing and telecommunication firms such as Texas Instruments, HP Enterprise Services, Dell, AT&T, and Verizon all located in DFW.


    Businesses that are permanent and geographically linked, such as the Farming and Ranching industry, are very appealing for their endurance, and are found in ample supply just thirty minutes west of Dallas, in Fort Worth. Providing consistent employment opportunities is just one crucial appeal of the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market. 


    However, life isn’t just about work.  People need diversions as well, and DFW provides entertainment from copious sources. Home to the NBA reigning champion Dallas Mavericks, as well as the two-time American League Champion Texas Rangers—plus the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars—there is a professional home team for every fan to follow. Arlington, not only home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, also boasts Six Flags over Texas and Hurricane Harbor, two premiere amusement parks, both respectively known as prime attractions for families in seek of thrill, excitement, and lifelong memories!


    With two private schools in Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University, as well as the two largest commuter universities in the state—University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Arlington—DFW has no shortage of post-secondary educational institutions. With UTA’s and UNT’s increasing enrollment driving more and more students into the area, it creates yet an additional appeal to purchasing real estate within the Dallas – Fort Worth market.


    Dallas-Fort Worth’s excellent enduring economic profile, coupled with a stifling array of educational institutions and vast entertainment options, only adds to the region’s national appeal. The real estate market in the DFW Metroplex is one that is ripe for the future, making it not only a wonderful area to live and raise a family, but an ideal location for prudent, recession-proof real estate investments.