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Burleson Real Estate

Heading south down I35W with the lovely backdrop of downtown Fort Worth in your rear-view mirror, you’ll quickly find yourself in the quaint, medium-sized confines of Burleson, Texas.

For Burleson, 2012 marks a very special year in its history. This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the city that has long been considered the premium location for commuters looking for quality suburban housing.

Many families continue to flock to the lovely land of Burleson, ensuring that the next 100-years look to be even better.  The last ten years has seen exponential growth in Burleson as the population has swelled from 20,000 residents to more than 36,000, a near 80% growth!  

As Fort Worth and Dallas grew into two of the largest cities in the nation, flocks of people began to settle in the surrounding areas, which made Burleson real estate one hot ticket.

With Burleson, you get a true Texas suburban feel, as many ranchers live in the confines of the friendly town, and work their farms in the growing shadow of metropolitan Dallas and Fort Worth.

The City of Burleson now boasts two top High Schools in Burleson High School, home of the Elks, and in the brand new Centennial High School, where the Spartans call home. Two middle schools feed the secondary schools, and 10 elementary schools, 9 of which include pre-school, ensure that a new High School should be popping up in the near future.  

With affordable prices, and plenty of land left for the savvy business investor, a purchase of land in Burleson is a prudent choice. Burleson real estate is also a great option for loving parents that want to ensure their children get the finest in education with a great student-to-teacher ratio.

Burleson, a century-strong, is like a fine wine…it just keeps getting better with age.

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