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Aledo / Weatherford Real Estate

The old adage “Go West, young man,” still rings true today nearly two centuries since the words were first uttered.  

In fact, going west has never been more appealing than today. Two key reasons people are headed in this direction are the swelling size of Fort Worth, and the increasingly alluring locales of Weatherford and Aledo.


Aledo is located 24 miles West of Fort Worth, in Parker County.  Part of Aledo’s appeal is its small-city feel.  With the 57.4% upswing in population over the last decade—in 2000, Aledo’s population was 1,726, in 2010 it swelled to 2,716—indicates that the secret is out.

The Aledo Independent School District features the 4A Division II Bearcats, winners of four High School football state championships, including the last three in a row.

Aledo High School isn’t just a dominant football power though, as their Social Studies Team won a state championship in 2011 and their Literary Criticism Club were state champs in ’09.

Real estate in Aledo ranges from listing prices in the low six figure range ($105,000) to just south of one million dollars ($825,000).  This signifies that a modest purchase in Aledo real estate today could be an excellent investment as the population—not to mention the appreciation value of the land—is bound to surge forward in the near future.


Weatherford, the county seat of Parker County, is located about 31 miles West of Fort Worth, and 14 miles northwest of Aledo.

Home of the yearly “Parker County Peach Festival,” Weatherford has long been deemed the “Peach Capital of Texas.”  

The City of Weatherford is served by the Weatherford Independent School District, and also features one of Texas’ oldest post-secondary schools in Weatherford College.

The City of Weatherford, much like Aledo, has seen it’s population increase dramatically over the last ten years—from 19,000 in 2000 to 25,250 in 2010—increasing by 33.3%.

With the rise in residents, the value of the average home has increased as well in Weatherford, going from $83,300 in 2000 to $141,864 in 2010—surging well past the state’s average value of $125,800.

Now might be the best time to invest in Weatherford real estate, as the average median gross rent is just $774 a month, indicating plenty of room for future growth.

As is evidenced by the exponential growth of Fort Worth’s thriving suburbs, now is a great time to “Go West.”  

Invest in the west now—as the prices are surely to continue to surge north.   

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